About Organic Socks

Our Profile
Bulus Socks is a turkish company, certified by the Control Union Group.
The company was founded by the family in 1983 producing high quality, fashionable socks.
Our founder is offering 40 years of experience in the textile industry, with a special knowledge of sock machines.
Working like in a laboratory, the head of production is always focused on innovations and creations.
As our constant aim is to reach the highest standard in production and quality we were searching for new solutions, giving something back to the nature.
In 2010 we developed Bulus Organic, with it’s organic sock collection Venüs® Organic.
The first of our creations is the 100% organic combed cotton sock VenüsTer®.
Our vision is to protect the nature with producing organic socks for your health.

Bulus Organic is producing a wide range of high quality organic socks.
All our products are produced in Turkey, made from organic yarn, certified by the Control Union Group.

Our certificates:

•    Global Organik Textile Standard (GOTS)
•    Organik Exchange 100 Standard
•    Organik Exchange Blended Standard

The collection Venüs® Organic is offering an organic sock collection for babies, children, women and men.
In addition to our collection we are producing your Private Lable Products, as you wish.
Available in all kind of yarn.

Our service
Production units in the factory:
•    Knitting
•    Toe Knitting (in handling)
•    Boarding
•    Labeling, Packing, Transportation
•    Customer Transaction

As we have a wide range of computer and mechanical machines, we can offer you a more detailed production:
•    Gauge from 5 to 24
•    Needle size from 56 to 280

For our European customers, we are offering an all-inclusive service.
All transactions and communications will be done by the company.

Why Organic Yarn
Organic yarn is the best for your body and health.
It feels softer, because the yarn fibres are left intact and are not broken down by heavy chemicals used during the production.
It smells clean as there is no formaldehyde or any other heavy chemical used.
It does not trigger any allergies, skin irritations, fungus or other bacterial skin problems.
Skin irritations are prevented by a breathable yarn and a non sweating healthy skin.

As healthy it is for you, it is for the nature.
The organic grown cotton, is also a high benefit for the nature.
Organic farming does not allowe any use of chemical pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and defoilants.
The organic farming is focused on building healthy soil and plants using natural fertilizers.
As a result there are no problems linked to pesticide use like reduced soil fertility, water pollution, reduced biodervisity, wild animal and livestock poisening.
The organic livestock production is following the same goals and rules.